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How Does My Sponsorship Help?

Sponsoring a child or family provides educational and health opportunities for those who are the most vulnerable. Children who wouldn't otherwise receive an education because of financial hardships. 


Sponsorship supports families who are barely surviving to self-sufficiency and dignity. Their children receive needed vitamins, a healthy lunch at school and an education. It may mean a family may get a bed to sleep on, or a new roof to keep out the rain, or establish enough income to provide food. 

Areas of Need


• Family Sponsorship

• Nutrition - Vitamins and Supplements, Gardening, Chicken Coops

• Health Care Screenings and Education

Staying Connected 

Sponsoring directly connects you as a sponsor to your recipient. Through Email, social media platforms and quarterly reports, we keep you informed of how your donation is making a difference!

WLP's Low Overhead

Because the WLP staff is all volunteer, donations go directly to the sponsor's program or package of choice. Even the overhead in Nepal and Guatemala is low. Administrative costs range from 5 - 8%.

Poverty in Guatemala

Guatemala has one of the highest poverty rates in the world, primarily due to its unequal distribution of wealth. The wealthiest 10% own nearly 50% of the national wealth and the poorest 10% own less than 1%. Approximately 60% of the population between 6 and 18 years live in extreme poverty (Ezine Mark Study, 2018). Services, such as health and education, are not reaching the poorest and most in need.


The Q’eqchi’ populations live mostly in remote villages in mountain jungles and forests in the Alta Verapaz region. We work in 210 villages in which 92% of the population is living in extreme poverty and extreme malnutrition. Infant and maternal mortality are common.

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Tom and Lisa Morris

"We donate to World Link Partners (WLP) because our small donation can do so much good. We believe education is a key to lifting people from severe poverty.  We love to see the growth in the children we are helping.  We would enthusiastically rate WLP a 10 out of 10." 

what our sponsors receive

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• The satisfaction that you are providing the

   opportunity for a life beyond poverty, and

   hope beyond the slums.

• Connections with the school/students via

   videos, photos and reports.

• A welcome letter.

• A hand-carved bone pendant (from Nepal).

• The possibility of travel to Nepal to visit

   the school.

Sponsorship, the gift that keeps giving. Give for birthdays or Christmas, give in honor of your children or grandchildren.

 the gift will be cherished and remembered long after WalMart.

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