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At the Humble Village, we believe that when you help, educate, and empower families you bless humanity. We focus on educating and empowering women, who we see as the key to changing their families’ lives. We work with indigenous families of Mayan descent (the Q’eqchi’s) living in the highlands of Guatemala in extreme poverty (typically living on less than $1 per day). We help by providing them with drastically needed nourishment, health care training and services, and education leading to stability and the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty. We teach simple, sustainable methods in our education and training,


The indigenous Mayans are marginalized--they receive little to no help from their government. They do not speak Spanish and are geographically isolated. They have little political power and, thus, receive little to little to no help from any government source.


It takes a village, and sometimes it takes more than a village—it takes the kindness and resources of others to help individuals and villages change and become self-sufficient.


We work on behalf NARU (Hyperlink to her website)- a Guatemalan non profit organization that is locally run and operated.



Guatemala has one of the highest poverty rates in the world, primarily due to its unequal distribution of wealth. The wealthiest 10% own nearly 50% of the national wealth and the poorest 10% own less than 1%. Approximately 60% of the population between 6 and 18 years live in extreme poverty (Ezine Mark Study, 2018). Services, such as health and education, are not reaching the poorest and most in need.


The Q’eqchi’ populations live mostly in remote villages in mountain jungles and forests in the Alta Verapaz region. We work in 210 villages in which 92% of the population is living in extreme poverty and extreme malnutrition. Infant and maternal mortality are common.


When their region’s coffee industry collapsed in the early 2000s, most highland Q’eqchi’ people were left with subsistence farming of corn as their only sure source of food.  Many illnesses and fatalities could be quite easily prevented, but in the mountainous often inaccessible villages nutrition, health services, and basic education are scarce to non-existent.







  • Feed a child

    • For only $7 a week, you can feed a malnourished child 2 meals a day

  • Build a chicken coop and chickens for a family

    • For $100 you can provide a family with materials needed to build a chicken coop and egg-laying chickens

  • Help a family establish a garden

    • For $25 you can provide a family with seeds and soil to grow a garden with nutrient dense food

  • Provide clean water for a family

    • For $50 you can provide a family with a water filter that will provide with clean water for two years

  • Provide educational trainings for a women or community

    • For $15 a month you can help pay for communities trainings that empower women and train in them life skills needed to pull their families out of poverty


*Shop HUMBLE HILO ( where a portion of EACH purchase supports a project of your choice



*Volunteer: If you are interested in volunteering your time, talents, or traveling to Guatemala to help with the projects, please email us at





For more information on the projects and work we support in Guatemala, please visit our affiliated website at





















*We have NO overhead costs—all of our administrative staff are volunteers!  This is rare for any organization and really sets us apart. We see that donations go helping those in need. Our hearts and souls are committed to helping these families living in extreme poverty and we believe that volunteering our time and effort is the least we can do help. 95% of all donations goes directly to our projects and local staff in Guatemala, and the other 5% helps us with spreading the word, marketing, website maintenance, and other minor costs. 


*Grassroots and locally lead projects that are culturally accepted and appropriate. We promote self-sufficiency preserve self-dignity and make people part of the solution


*We are dedicated to empowering women and families living in extreme poverty and cannot do this along. We need YOU.




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Gracias, Humble Village
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